The scan does not find my Genie CLIENTS or the app randomly states it can't communicate with them.

2013-06-14 13:08

If scanning for your receivers finds the main Genie itself but one or more clients are missing from the results then please be sure that all clients are powered ON then try scanning again.

Previous DirecTV receivers (as well as the Genie itself) will respond to requests for discovery even if powered off but the Genie clients will not.


If they seem to randomly 'drop' off of your network, then the likely cause is that they are powered off.  For unknown reasons, DirecTV made the clients work differently from all other normal receivers & DVRs.  When a client is powered off, it not only cannot be discovered in a scan, but also it completely "disappears" from the network, even if previously discovered.  For this reason, it is recommended to just leave clients powered on all the time.  DirecTV doesn't even provide a way to power them on or off over a network anyway, which leads one to believe that they would prefer they are left on anyway.

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