How do I use the IR Import/Export feature?

2013-06-03 21:18

In order to make it easier to enter IR codes into the plugin (rather than copying and pasting each command's IR codes or worse yet typing them in), an Import/Export feature has been added since v1.4.1 of the Volume Plugin.

The idea of this feature is that the IR codes for all buttons can be formatted into a 'code block' that the Volume plugin recognizes.  The first step to importing is copying the code block to your device's clipboard.  How you go about copying text to your clipboard varies by device, but often you can start the copy mode by long-pressing on text in an email or text document.

To access this feature, while on an IR-related control method (such as iTach, Samsung Galaxy IR or HTC One IR), press the 'Edit/View Cmds' button.  In the commands screen, press the 'Set Defaults' button in the upper-right corner then choose Import/Export and follow the prompts.

When exporting, a block of "code" will be copied to your Android device's clipboard.  You can then paste this code into an email to send it to someone else.

When importing, you will first most likely receive an email or text file with the code block in it.  Below is a sample code block with highlighting showing which part needs to be copied to your device's clipboard.  Note that unless the email contains multiple code bocks, you can often times do a quick "select all" and copy the entire email to the clipboard.  The app will filter out the non-related data on its own.  Often times though I will send several blocks for you to try so in that case you would have to select then copy one block then try importing & testing.  If that doesn't work, try the next block, and so on.


Sample IR code block for importing or exporting:
Note: These are not working IR codes.  They have been shortened in order to fit better on this web page.  This shows what text needs to be highlighted and selected when copying a code block to your device's clipboard.


<---Begin DirecTV Remote+ Volume Plugin Commands--->
"PowerToggleCMD": "40064,96,24,48,24,24,24,48,24,24,24,48,24,24,24,4006",
"PowerOnCMD": "",
"PowerOffCMD": "",
"VolUpCMD": "40064,96,24,24,24,48,24,24,24,24,24,48,24,24,24,24,24,4006",
"VolDnCMD": "40064,96,24,48,24,48,24,24,24,24,24,48,24,24,24,24,24,4006",
"VolMuteToggleCMD": "40064,96,24,24,24,24,24,48,24,24,24,48,24,24,24,24,24,4006",
"VolMuteOnCMD": "",
"VolMuteOffCMD": "",
"InputCMD": "40064,96,24,48,24,24,24,48,24,48,24,48,24,48,24,48,24,4006",
"Repeat": "1"
<---End DirecTV Remote+ Volume Plugin Commands--->


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