What are the differences between DirecTV Remote+ FREE and PRO?

2014-10-15 21:34

This information is current as of v3.8.0.  As new versions come out, occasionally new pro-only features and options emerge.  I will try to update this answer when things change.

Even if you don't find reason enough to purchase the pro version for features or options, purchasing the paid version of any app helps to show your appreciation for the developer's work.  Smile  I challenge you to compare my DirecTV Remote apps to the competition.  You will find that no other DirecTV remote app for Android compares in terms of features, options and support!  Many options listed below (even though they may only available in the pro version) are not available at all in any competing app, and on the rare occasion that one is, their implementation is generally not nearly as robust as it is in my app.


Features are not listed in any particular order, but features found in both Free and Pro are listed first.  As noted by the Smile icon, some features found in the Free version are limited compared to the Pro version.  In this case, please see the corresponding footnote beneath the table for more information.



Cool   = Fully Supported
Smile   = Supported but limited (see footnotes beneath table for limitations)
N/A  = Not found in free version


 Feature or option 

Many features and options not available in any other competing app! Cool Cool
A support website with lots of troubleshooting and other helpful information. Cool Cool
Lots of help and usage information built right into the app. Cool Cool
Automatic scanning / discovery of your networked receivers. Cool Cool
See what is currently airing on ALL of your receivers and favorite channels all at the same time in the Mini-Guide.  It also shows you what is on next after the current show.  By default the pro version shows all receivers but there is also an option to only show the currently selected receiver in the mini-guide if that is your preference.  [Network control only] Smile1 Cool

Includes 3 built-in remote layouts to choose from based on your preference or device size.

Compact fits ALL buttons in one screen.  Mid-Size fits all buttons except the number pad on one screen (the number pad is a pop-up).  Scrolling provides larger buttons in a scolling screen.

Cool Cool
Exclusive MEmote: a remote layout that you can design yourself!  You control which buttons to display, where to display them, and how large or small they should be!  Smile2 Cool
Icon in ongoing notification area allows quick access to the remote as well as displays information about the currently tuned channel.  My app also allows you to disable this option if you would like to conserve battery! Cool Cool
Supports all remote control commands found on the real DirecTV remote control including slow motion! Cool Cool
Non-networked DirecTV receivers can be controlled in the main remote app with select Samsung, HTC and LG devices providing that it has a built-in IR emitter. Cool Cool
Network-controlled Genie CLIENTS do not support 'Power' commands (DirecTV's decision) but the app can be configured to use IR only for sending power commands on clients.  Requires an IR-enabled Samsung or HTC phone/tablet. Cool Cool
Fully adjustable haptic feedback level (from off to strong). Cool Cool
Easily reboot a receiver from within the app.  [Network control only] Cool Cool
Option to show labels on colored buttons to assist those who are color blind. Cool Cool
Active developer with frequent updates and new features (many the result of customer requests). Cool Cool
Allows you to create a Favorite Channels list for quick access to the channels you use most.  The favorites channels also appear in the mini-guide. Smile Cool
Create shortcuts to any remote command, favorite, macro and even the mini-guide directly on your device's home screen, anywhere you want!  This feature is provided by the free Shortcut Add-on.  This add-on can also be used in conjunction with other apps such as Tasker in order to automate tasks. Smile3 Cool
Easily create & restore the app's configuration for backing up or transferring settings to another device.  Smile4  Cool
Control volume, mute & power on your TV/AVR from the main remote pro app with the Volume Plugin!  If you have a Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony device with IR you can use IR to control your TV or AVR.  Otherwise you will be limited to using network control which is more rare and often a bit more difficult to set up.

VERY LIMITED BRAND COMPATIBILITY WHEN USING NETWORK CONTROL!  You can try the plugin for free before you buy anything!

**Note that FREE users can test the Volume plugin directly, they just can't control volume at all from the main app. **
N/A **  Smile 
Continue to use the remote even if the phone or tablet locks itself while the app is running!  It will also automatically dismiss the lock screen if it is not protected in any way (PIN, etc). N/A Cool
Rearrange and rename your receivers, favorites and macros as they appear in the app using the List Organizer. N/A Cool
Long-pressing the 'Power' remote button allows you to explicitly send Power On or Power Off to the DirecTV receiver and/or the TV or AVR if one is configured in the Volume Plugin.  You can also send Power ON or Power OFF to multiple DirecTV receivers at once (handy for bars and restaurants). N/A Cool
View power state of the receiver(s) at a glance (power button and indication in the mini-guide).  [Network control only] N/A Cool
Expanded Notifications (Jellybean, etc) include buttons to exit the app, view the mini-guide and refresh the notification (currently playing show on the receiver) N/A  Cool 
Supports the new SD/HD Toggle remote command (Menu > More).  [Network control only] N/A Cool
Long-press on the Replay button will skip back to the beginning of the recorded program (or the previous bookmark if it exists).  [Network control only] N/A Cool
Optionally tune to the same channel on any or all of your receivers simultaneously (long-press in the Mini-Guide or on a favorite channel from the main remote screen). [Network control only] N/A Cool
See more about the current show, movie or song by searching on IMDb, AllMusic.com, Google and Amazon.  [Network control only] N/A Cool
Optionally check more frequently for programming or channel changes even if the main app is not active.  Handy if you control the receiver from the Shortcut Add-on or a "real" remote.  This option is to help ensure that the ongoing On Now notification is current. N/A Cool
Easily enable and disable Closed Captioning with one button press! (Built-in macros) N/A Cool
Create and use your own custom macros!  Macros are a series of commands that can be executed with just a couple presses! N/A Cool
Search Assistant allows you to enter search queries using your phone then sends them to the receiver.  You can send characters one at a time as you type them or enter an entire search term using your device's keyboard and send it all at once.  Includes a built-in QWERTY keyboard. N/A Cool
Easily launch the DirecTV DVR Scheduler app from the menu. N/A Cool
Option to lock the app to portrait or landscape mode regardless of device orientation. N/A Cool
Option to keep your device awake while on 'main' screens in the app. N/A Cool
Option to specify which receiver is used to acquire favorite channel guide data, which can be useful if you have a receiver that is faster than the others or used less frequently.  Ordinarily favorite channel guide data is acquired from the actively selected receiver.  [Network control only] N/A Cool
1 Mini-Guide:  The free version only shows the currently selected receiver and first 3 favorite channels in the mini-guide.  The PRO version shows all of your receivers and all of your favorite channels in the mini-guide all at the same time with an option to only show the currently selected receiver (in the mini-guide).    
2 MeMote:  The free version allows you to use the remote designer to design your own layout so you can see how the designer works.  Although your custom remote layout will be saved, it can only be used as the active remote style in the PRO version.
3 Shortcut/Widget Add-On:  With the free version, you can install the shortcut add-on and create shortcuts on your home screen with it but please note that they will only function if the PRO version is installed.    
4 Backup & Restore Settings:  Both free and pro versions store settings on the SD card (if available) making it easy to backup and transfer settings.  The pro version takes it one further with the built-in ability to create and restore settings from within the app.    






















































































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