How do I set up the volume plugin to control a TV *and* AVR?

2013-11-26 18:35

Sometimes you may wish to have two profiles associated with the same DirecTV receiver.  This can happen if you use a TV for video and an AVR for sound, or a projector for video and an AVR (or TV) to control sound.

In this case you will need to create two separate profiles in the plugin: One for the TV (or projector) and another for the sound source.  The plugin was designed to loosely/somewhat support a configuration like this but without first making some tweaks, you may notice slow or erratic behavior when trying to send volume and mute commands from the main app.

The information below only serves as a rough guide for one scenario but it should definitely give you an idea of what you need to do to make things work a bit smoother for your configuration.


Example:  I have a DirecTV receiver in the living room.  I use the TV for video and my AVR for sound and input.

  1. Open the plugin app and choose the TV profile.
  2. Press the [Edit/View Cmds] or [Set Commands] button (may vary) to view the commands set up for the device.  Some control methods may not allow for viewing and editing the commands.  If this is the case, please send me an email and I can help you edit the configuration file manually.
  3. For each command that you do not use on this device, you will need to disable it.  In this scenario, we only need to use the Power command(s) for the TV.  All other commands will be executed on the AVR.  To disable a command, type ignore at the beginning of the command field.  Example below.
  4. Depending on your exact situation, you may also need to disable some commands in the other profile.  Hopefully this is enough to get you pointed in the right direction.  If you still need help, please send me an email.

Example of disabled commands:

These are disabled IR commands for an IR control method, but this will work for any type of control method.  You can also enter ignore in otherwise empty command fields.

Power Toggle 38000,128,60,30,30,60................
Power On 38000,128,60,30,30,60................
Power Off 38000,128,60,30,30,60................
Volume Up ignore38000,128,60,30,30,60................
Volume Down ignore38000,128,60,30,30,60................
Mute Toggle ignore38000,128,60,30,30,60................
Mute On ignore
Mute Off ignore
Select Input ignore38000,128,60,30,30,60................









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