How do I configure Tasker to control the DirecTV Remote+ App?

2014-10-15 20:39

Tasker is a very handy app that can be used to automate many things on your Android device.  Rather than completely re-write what it can do here, I'd recommend reading that in Tasker's description and documentation.  This FAQ document will explain how to use Tasker to control your DirecTV receivers through my apps.  Tasker is used with my DirecTV Remote+ Shortcut Add-on.  The add-on is free to install but will only work if you have the Pro version of my main DirecTV Remote+ app installed on your device.  You can still configure Tasker to use my add-on even if you have not purchased DirecTV Remote+ Pro yet but ultimately the command will not be sent and you will see a message that it requires the Pro version to be installed.




How to configure Tasker to control your DirecTV receiver:

Note:  These instructions are somewhat detailed with regard to the steps required in assigning a DirecTV Remote command in Tasker but previous experience with Tasker will be very helpful to have.  Also note that it is possible that these exact instructions may change if Tasker makes changes to how their app works.  I'm certain that Tasker will always work with my add-on but the actual steps could change.


  1. Create the tasks:
    *  Press on the 'Tasks' tab.
    *  Press + to add a new task.
    *  Enter a name for the task (such as Power Toggle for this example).
    *  Press + then choose Plugin then choose AutoShortcut.
    Press Edit.
    *  Choose DirecTV Remote+ Command.  This will launch my Shortcut Add-On.  See this FAQ more information on using it.  Keeping with this example, we will choose 'Remote Button'.  Next, choose the DirecTV receiver to use and then choose the 'Power' button from the list of commands then press 'Create'.
    *  Press device 'back' button to return to Task Edit.
    *  If you'd like to send another command in this same task then do the following...
        *  Press + then choose Task then choose Wait.
        *  Choose time to wait (3-5 seconds should suffice but you my need to tweak this depending on which commands you are sending and how long it takes for the DirecTV receiver to respond to them).
        *  Press + then choose Plugin then choose AutoShortcut again.
        *  Press Edit.
        *  Choose another command using my add-on.
        *  Press device 'back' button to return to Task Edit.
        *  Repeat these steps again if you wish to add more commands to this same task.
    *  Press device 'back' button to return to the main Tasker screen.
  2. Now you can select this "task" to be used in Tasker.  For example, you can create a new profile to configure Tasker to send the power button at a certain time. 
  3. On the main Tasker screen, be sure that the tasks are turned on (by default they are).
  4. On the main Tasker screen, press Menu then be sure that Tasker is ENABLED.


While I can try to help you configure Tasker to do what you'd like it to do, I honestly have very little experience with it.  The instructions above explain how to get a DirecTV remote command into Tasker using my add-on but beyond that it is a matter of knowing how to use Tasker which is unrelated to any of my apps.




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