"Runtime Error '##########': Automation Error"

2012-07-06 05:26

Automation errors have no specific cause, but are generally due to a driver problem or problem with DirectX. Try the following to fix this error:

  • Be sure you are running the latest version of DirectX
  • Click Start>Run then type dxdiag into the box and click OK. Once this app starts, click on each tab at the top of the window to examine each part of DirectX. At the bottom of the window for each tab, you will see a list of problems found (if any). Fixing any problems listed in this app is a good place to start! Often the errors listed can be fixed by doing the next suggestion.
  • Be sure you are using the latest drivers for your sound and graphics cards. You can usually find driver updates by going to the website of the company who makes the card (or sometimes the company who makes the processor that the card uses). If you are unsure of their website, try doing a search on the name of your card.
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