I can't find the menus in the main DirecTV Remote+ app!

Starting in v3.1.0 of the DirecTV Remote+ app, some devices will no longer show the traditional menus.  To accomodate this change, I added a custom menu "button" to the far-right side of the silver bar at the bottom of the main remote screen.

Replacement Menu Button


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Starting in this version, some changes were made in the app in order to prevent certain markets from showing the app as being incompatible with certain devices, primarily larger tablets.  In order to do this, I had to tell Android that my app will display correctly on "x-large" screens.  But before I could even declare that ability, I had to bring it up to speed with some changes in recent versions of Android.

One of those changes is that they got rid of the traditional menus and replaced them with the Action Bar.  Because I didn't want an Action Bar in my app, I added a custom "menu" button to the far-right side of the silver bar at the bottom of the main app screen (remote control view).  It provides the exact same abilities as the original menu.  In fact, on older devices, both the original menu and this new button will be available.  On newer devices, only this new button will be available.

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