How do I rename a receiver?

Tip: If one or more receivers in the app appear as "UN-NAMED" then this means that you need to set up the name in the receiver itself.  Follow the steps below to rename the receiver in its own setup screen then re-scan your network with the app.


Free Version:
There is no way to rename a receiver in the FREE version (you can in the PRO version).  However, you can rename the receiver in the receiver's setup and then re-scan.  This will effectively change the name of the receiver in the app.  To change the receiver's name, go to MENU > PARENTAL, FAV'S & SETUP > SYSTEM SETUP > WHOLE-HOME and change the name there.  Afterwards, re-scan your network to see the changes in the app.

Also note that the PRO version does allow you to not only remove receivers from the list, but it also lets you rename and rearrange them (in addition to doing the same with favorites and macros).


Pro version:
To rename or remove single or multiple receivers in the PRO version, you can use the List Organizer.  To do so, press Menu > More > List Organizer.  Here you can remove, rearrange or rename receivers, favorites and macros.  To remove or rename an item, long-press on the item and choose Delete from the pop-up dialog.

If you would prefer to change the name of the receiver at the receiver itself, go to MENU > PARENTAL, FAV'S & SETUP > SYSTEM SETUP > WHOLE-HOME and change the name there.  This is the more ideal solution if you wish to permanently rename the receiver without having to rename it in the app after a new scan.

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