How do I reset the app's configuration to brand new?

If for some reason you find yourself wanting to reset the configuration (completely wipe out everything and start over), you can do so providing your phone or tablet contains an SD card.  Fortunately, most do!


Note:  If you just want to remove your current receivers from the app and start over with a fresh network scan, follow <a href="/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=3&id=27&artlang=en">these stepsa> instead since following the steps listed here will reset EVERYTHING.


an style="color: #ff0000;">** WARNING **an>
an style="color: #ff0000;">The steps listed below will completely wipe out all app settings and restore it to how it was when you first installed it.  You will lose all receivers, favorite channels, macros and custom options that you have set!  If you are worried about this, you may want to make a backup of the file mentioned below before wiping it>


The instructions below are a general guideline.  Depending on your Android device's OS version and computer OS version (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Mac OS), the exact wording may vary.

  1. an style="color: #000000;">Run the free version of the app (if installed) and press Menu > More > Exit App.  an>an style="color: #000000;">Then run the PRO version (if installed) and do the same.  This will ensure that the apps an>an style="color: #000000;">will not over-write the changes you will make in the steps below.  As aan>an style="color: #000000;">alternative to doing this you can also just reboot your device.  Once it is an>an style="color: #000000;">finished rebooting, proceed to the next>
  2. an style="color: #000000;">Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable.  Ian>an style="color: #000000;">f presented with a menu on how to connect, choose "Disk Drive - an>an style="color: #000000;">Mount as Disk Drive" or something>
  3. an style="color: #000000;">If you have auto-run on your computer, you will be asked what you an>an style="color: #000000;">would like to do with the connected drive.  Choose Explore, Browse files, or an>an style="color: #000000;">whatever option sounds similar to this.  If you don't have auto-run on your an>an style="color: #000000;">computer, you may need to browse ark>manuallyark> to the Android device.  To do this in an>an style="color: #000000;">Windows, right-click on the Start button, choose Explore, then browse to the dan>an style="color: #000000;">rive letter assigned to your device.  It may be listed as "Removable Device" or>
  4. an style="color: #000000;">When viewing the device in file explorer, you will typically see two folders: "phone" (or similiar) and "storage" (or similiar). Typically the file we are looking for will be inside the "phone" folder but it may also be in the other folder. You should probably check both just to be sure.  Once inside this folder, look for another folder called DirecTV_Remote and open it.  Then look for a an>an style="color: #000000;">file called DirecTVRemote.ini.  Depending on how your computer is setup it may also an>an style="color: #000000;">appear simply aDirecTVRemote.  Double-click on the file an>an style="color: #000000;">to open it with a text editor.  You will want to open it with a basic text an>an style="color: #000000;">editor such as Windows Notepad.  If Windows doesn't know what to do with it, an>an style="color: #000000;">click Start > Run and type notepad into the box.  When the notepad prograan>an style="color: #000000;">opens, drag and drop the DirecTVRemote.ini file into the empty notepad window tan>an style="color: #000000;">o open>
  5. an style="color: #000000;">One inside the file, press CTRL A to select all text in the file then an>an style="color: #000000;">press the Delete key.  You want to be sure that there is no text or empty an>an style="color: #000000;">lines in the>
  6. an style="color: #000000;">Save the changes to the file. Then check the other folder ("phone" as well as "storage" as mentoned above) and repeat the process.  Close the file explorer window and if available, click on the Safely remove device icon near the clock. When prompted that it is safe to do so, unplug the USB cable from the>an style="color: #000000;">
  7. an style="color: #000000;">Try running the app again and it should act like you have just an>an style="color: #000000;">installed it for the first time and all settings will be reset to defaults.  If for some reason this does not happen, try repeating the steps over, starting with a reboot of your Android>
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