Can I use DDNS to access my receiver over the Internet?

Note: This applies only to DirecTV Remote+ Pro v3.3.0 and up

If you have forwarded a port in your router in order to <a href="/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=27&id=13&artlang=en" target="_blank">control your DirecTV receiver over the interneta> and you use a DDNS service, you can enter that domain name when ark>manuallyark> ark>addingark> the receiver to the app as opposed to entering your home network's WAN IP address.  Obviously the advantage here is that if your home network's WAN/Internet IP address changes, you will not need to change it in the app if you use DDNS instead.  For those unfamiliar, DDNS is a service that allows you to locate your home network over the internet by entering a domain name as opposed to an IP address.  While not exactly the same thing, it is similar to how you go to a website by entering its domain name into your browser (such as


In order to avoid confusion, there is a trick to enabling this advanced option and this can only be done when ark>manuallyark> ark>addingark> a receiver.  It will not work for automatic scans.

Press Menu > Setup/Scan to enter the setup screen.  Then press 'Manual Setup' to open the IP input dialog.  Delete any default text in the input field and enter an style="color: #000000; background-color: #ffff00;">> (four dots/periods) for the IP address and then press 'Add'.  A message box will appear stating that Advanced/Alpha-numeric entry is enabled.  You can now enter text in addition to numbers.  Simply type in your domain name (without http:// or www.) and press 'Add' again to search for your receiver using DDNS.


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