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New FAQ system

A new FAQ system has been installed on this site in order to make it easier to maintain and expand the FAQs for Android & Windows apps found here.

While the FAQs display much better on a computer, you can usually get by on a phone or tablet in landscape orientation with some occasional minor glitches in how it is rendered.

Update 6/27/13:  The FAQ system has been updated to the latest version.  While the update didn't go 100% without problems, it is still here!  Surprised 

Update 7/1/13:  The "Most Popular" and "Latest" FAQ sections are now working again.  Apparently a bug in the latest version of PHPMyFAQ, but I found some info on how to fix it manually.


For the complete FAQ menu, see the list off to the left.  Below are some quick links.

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Windows App FAQs

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More information: Cognitial Home Page

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