Are you actively updating and supporting your Windows software?

2012-07-06 06:31

Quite a while ago I had stopped working on my Windows software due to a career change (much longer hours) as well as starting a family.  After owning my first Android phone though, I got interested in making Android apps so I started programming again, but this time for Android.


I'm still working long hours and still raising a family, and between those and spending lots of time working on my Android apps as well as this website, it is tough finding time to juggle all of these things.  While I have not made any major updates to my Windows software in quite some time (with a couple exceptions), I do still fully support all Windows software found at this site.


Rest assured that if this website is still around, then so am I.  I will continue to support everything I have done, whether it is Windows or Android related.  Smile


I appreciate the continued interest in my software.  It seems like only yesterday that I was working on those programs almost every day!

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