Why doesn't the mini-guide show any favorite channels?

2012-10-06 22:12

Favorite channels in the app and mini-guide are separate from the favorite channels or channels listed in the guide in your DirecTV receiver.  Unfortunately there is no way for third-party developers to automatically retrieve the favorite channels from the guide on your receiver.

Adding favorite channels to the app is very easy.  Simply press on the Favorites button from a main remote screen and either add the currently tuned channel or enter a channel number to add as a favorite.  Afterwards, you can quickly change to that channel by pressing the Favorites button and choosing it from the list.  Also, that channel will appear in the mini-guide along with information about what show is currently airing on that channel.

While theoretically you could add all channels you get in your package to the app's favorites list, typically one would only add their truly favorite channels.  For example, I have about 10 or so channels added to the app on my own devices.  Note however, that there is no limit to how many channels you can add as favorites in the app.  On the other hand, the free version will only show the first three favorite channels in the mini-guide.  The Pro version shows them all.

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