The volume plugin does not work for me. How do I disable it or remove the volume buttons from the main remote?

2013-11-03 02:52

If you are one of the many people for whom the Volume Plugin will not work due to not having compatible devices, I understand that it may be annoying to have the non-functioning volume, mute and input buttons on your screen or to constantly see warnings or messages if you inadvertantly press them.

  • If you'd like to keep the Volume plugin installed (to be aware of updates that may make it work for your equipment) but you cannot currently use it then it is recommended to set any profiles you have created to 'None/Disabled' for the control method.  Otherwise, you may get errors or warning messages when pressing volume or mute buttons in the main DirecTV Remote+ app.
  • If you'd like to uninstall the plugin and also get rid of the volume, mute and input buttons in the main remote app then do the following:
    • Go to Menu> Options & Help and place a checkmark on the option to hide TV/AVR buttons when the plugin is not installed.  Press back to return to the main remote screen, then back again to exit the app.
    • Open the Google Play store app and UNINSTALL the DirecTV Remote+ Volume Plugin app.  After doing this, you should no longer see any volume or mute buttons in the main app unless you re-install the plugin.
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