My TV or AVR *can* be controlled over a network but it is not listed in the Volume plugin!

2012-11-27 21:25

There are lots of device brands out there.  Adding support for other brands takes time and research.  Rest assured that I will add support for more devices as I discover how to control them.  The plugin takes several approaches to controlling a networked TV or AVR:


Manually entered HTTP (Simple URL) - At the time of this writing I do not know of any devices that can be controlled with simple HTTP commands but I have added this as an option so that if there ARE devices like this out there, you can add support for your own device without waiting for me to do it.  All I ask is that if you get things working this way, please send me an email through the 'Report' button in the plugin app and provide some additional info.  The HTTP commands will automatically be added to the email body making this very easy for you to share.  Then I can add support for that device to a future version of the app which will make it easier for others to control their own similar device!  Read more.

Manually entered Advanced HTTP - Lots of network-controllable devices require HTTP POST or GET commands to be sent to them, often with POST headers and complex XML.  This option is pretty much for tech-savvy or very patient people.  The idea is that if you happen to find some information online that explains how to send commands to your TV or AVR using POST data, you may very well be able to add support for the device yourself by using this advanced option.  If you do find information on how to control your device over a network feel free to send me an email with a link and I will help you figure it out and/or add support for it myself as a built-in device.  Read more.

Built-in support - For some devices, I will just write the necessary code to control the device and add it to the plugin.  One example is Denon/Marantz.  I will most likely do this for other devices in the future but first I need to know how to do it!  If you find code samples (any language) or SDKs for controlling your device through a network connection (HTTP, TCP/IP, etc) then please send me a link and I will look into it!  If I can figure it out then I will add support for it to the plugin! 

3rd-party apps - Rather than re-inventing the wheel, another way of controlling volume from my app is to simply harness the abilities of an already exisiting app.  One example of this is OnkyTroller (for Onkyo brand AVRs).  OnkyTroller has the ability to create shortcuts on your home screen for commands like Volume and Power.  This ability makes it very easy for other developers to send commands directly to their app.  Of course this also means that you will also need that other app installed, which may or may not cost extra money.  On the plus side, those apps will most likely make it easier to find and set up your TV or AVR and will absolutely have more features and functions than basic power and volume control.  Support those developers too!


I feel that I am taking the best approach to offering volume control for those who have the correct equipment to do so.  Please understand that this cannot be done for most TVs and AVRs unless they already support the ability to be networked and controlled over a network.  I will work hard to add more devices as I discover them but it will take time.  If you want yours added, please send me an email.  Obviously I will focus on the most requested brands first.  Smile 

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