How do I use the Setup Wizard in the Volume Plugin?

2013-11-03 02:45

Note: This info applies to version 2.0 and up of the Volume Plugin.

When you press the [New] button in the plugin, you will be prompted by the opening Wizard screen.  Please read this as it helps explain how to use it.  On devices that have built-in IR blasters, the wizard will recommend that control method but you may also use network control if you would prefer.

Although you can choose to use the generic/general Setup Wizard (accessible by choosing 'None/Disabled' for the control method), it is actually recommended that you instead first look through the various control methods included in the plugin.  If your device is listed, choose that control method.  If a wizard is available for it, you will be asked if you would like to use it.  If there is no wizard available for your required control method then you may need to set it up manually.  While the generic wizard may find the device on your network, it likely will not be able to set it up for you.  If this is the case, please send me an email using the [Report] button which will include a wizard scan log which may help me to add wizard support for it.


Some key things to keep in mind with the wizard:

  • If your device supports IR, then this is the easiest control method to use!  If it does support IR, the plugin app will tell you this.
  • If you must use network control (a given unless you have a phone or tablet with built-in IR), always try selecting the control method first.  The reason is because if you specify the control method and a wizard is available, it can target that device type when it scans your network.  This makes things much easier to set up.  More importantly, the generic scan is just that... it is meant to try and catch anything not otherwise directly supported by the plugin.  For this reason, it may miss some devices because they might require a special way of looking for them on your network.
  • Ways to get to the setup wizard:
    • Create a new profile
    • Change the Control Method to 'None/Disabled'.  This will allow you to use the generic wizard... only recommended if you cannot find your device in the listed control methods or they do not work.
    • Re-select the Control Method to a specific type.  For example, if it is already set to "Panasonic Viera", just press on the Control Method selector and choose "Panasonic Viera" again.  If a wizard is available for the chosen method, it will ask if you wish to use it.


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