How do I get the Philips jointSPACE method to work on my Philips network-controllable TV?

2013-08-18 03:26

Some Philips televisions can use the open-source Philips jointSPACE feature in order to control the TV through the network.  The "Philips TV (Net)" control method in the Volume plugin uses this feature for controlling your Philips network-enabled TV.  In the next release of the Volume plugin, this will be made clearer.  It will also have a second method for controlling Philips televisions over a network (UPnP) for those who own televisions not supported by jointSPACE.


According to their website, it requires the following:

  • A 2011 (or newer) Philips TV that is capable of being networked
  • Supported models are xxPFL5xx6 to xxPFL9xx6
  • It may require you to first install a firmware update if your firmware is older than the first version where jointSPACE was introduced.
  • It may also require you to first enter an "activation code" in order to activate the feature.  You may also simply try entering the activation code to see if your TV may already have the jointSPACE feature installed on it.  While watching TV (not in any special menus or anything), type the following code using your remote:  5646877223  (you may notice those are the numbers that correspond to the letters in jointSPACE).


For more information, see the official jointSPACE project website.  The page linked below lists the minimum firmware version required for all supported models.  If your firmware is older, it also provides links to download the firmware.  You may also find newer firmware for your TV model on the Philips website.




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