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07-29-2012  -  After just under a year on Google Play (formerly Android Market), my first paid app "DirecTV Remote+ Pro" from Cognitial Mobile temporarily became the #1 DirecTV remote control app in Google Play's Entertainment Paid app category, beating out all competing DirecTV remote control apps.  It peaked at #12 of all paid apps in the Paid Entertainment category on July 29th.  Unfortunately it has since settled back down to a higher position (a week or so later) but it was nice while it lasted.  Who knows... Maybe one day it will return for good.  :)

08-22-2011  -  After starting a family and then a career change, I had taken quite a break from programming.  Then I got my first Android phone!  So now I am making apps for Android and today marks the release of my first app, DirecTV Remote+.

  -  After experiencing some issues with our previous web host provider of 9 years, we've moved to a new web host provider.

  -  We've finally given the site a makeover.  New look, same bad taste!  Well, honestly we think it looks much better and we've even added more support content.  Comments or suggestions?

02-17-2010  -  InterAx Adventure Game Engine is now FREE!

02-07-2010  -  Verwolf has finally been released publicly (and it's free).

December 2004  Name Dropper appeared in the December 2004 edition of PC World Magazine.  A very proud moment indeed!  And a heck of a time for our automated software downloading system to throw in the towel!  Fun times, but we got through it!